blog TODO

In order of priority:

1) Install lilina RSS aggregator. (Just discovered this today via delobius… it’s the reason for this post! I think I might also consider contributing to the project by adding a feature to “delete cache before XXX date”.)

2) upgrade MT…

3) upgrade the super-crusty 2.66 MT on various friends’ blogs. (should be able to do this immediately following #2.)

4) somehow call more attention to the mindblurbs, as they are more frequently updated than the main blog. (this may have to wait till after #5.)

5) Full conversion to a blosxom variant. (I’m hoping the options are better now than they were 6 months ago, the last time I checked around for a good package with the features I wanted. I’d prefer to have comment support out of the box, please, and i’d rather it were written in php than perl too, but that’s a secondary requirement.)

I have no idea when i’ll get around to doing any of these. obviously that last one is going to take some actual time, and what a scarce commodity that’s become lately…

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