tall mountains standing on the horizon

barely breathed words
practically unspoken
break the night into
tear swept landscapes
stale air unmoving

lost concepts and
abandoned emotions

thoughts, forced out
unwilling to express themselves
regret and abandonment
pain is more than the point
it becomes the platform from
which all points are made

the undercurrent of our ocean
pulling us into frightful depths
concepts swallowing us whole

And I’ll admit, I’ve
imagined all this.
We talked of trivialities,
kept those sleeping giants buried.
Our horizon was flat, plain,

and our ocean shallow, so
we barely wet our feet.

2 Replies to “tall mountains standing on the horizon”

  1. Very cool. First of your poems I’ve ever read. Very interested in reading more.

    I’ve never been much of a poet myself–it was my least favorite of the three Creative Writing genres I studied in college, but when done right the art can be something to behold. I read yours as I believe poetry should be read–out loud in order to fully grasp the rhythm and wordplay in the poem. Yours does well in both regards.

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