Basically just a “what I’m doing this weekend” update: here it is Mondo.

I saw nate’s new production of Closer last night, and was not unimpressed! There was a lot of video used, (between almost every scene), and that added to the experience. I think all the actees (how do you say both actresses and actors?) did a great job, and with british accents even! Anyway, everyone should go see it. Support local theater!

I finally got around to putting in a domain forward for Nate’s blog, so his domains should point to his blogspot blog now. I feel bad, because almost everyone I was hosting blogs for back in the day is now blogging elsewhere, but in a way that’s good… I mean, they liked it enough to continue doing it on their own! (Right?) I’m a slacker hosting provider. heh.

Work is coming along on Go Tetris! 1.0… I’m almost done with the two-eyes feature, and I think that’s where I’m going to set the mark. After that, and the high-score list feature, and I’ll be ready to promote it in earnest. I’m excited to feel feature complete… because I’ve been thinking a lot again about the actual Chesstris game, and I can’t wait to get started on it again.

No other interesting news. I’ve been sickly this week, and am at home working today (as I was yesterday).

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  1. Good luck with the game! I have played it a couple more times and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it ;)

    Thanks for coming to see the show. It was nice to have friendly faces in the audience for opening night. I was seriously freaking out…

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