whales and elephants, oh my!

First of all, there is a vote going on right now over at greenpeace.org to name a whale. What does it say about people who use the internet that the winning name right now (at 49%) is “Mister Splashy Pants”?

Secondly, our office’s South African Canadian is back from the outback, and he brought a bottle of Amarula with him. It’s tasty… possibly even tastier than Baily’s (although very similar), and makes me want to try out some Marula fruit. Anyway it’s put a pleasant buzz on the end of this first-workday-back-from-vacation.

Tonight I plan on spending my entire evening curled up with Florence on the couch, alternating between the new episode of Heros, Super Mario Galaxies, and possibly the second disk of the first season of Flight of the Conchords. I got the new Mario game this weekend, and am excited to play more… Florence and I rented the first disk of Flight of the Conchords last night, only realizing as we walked out the door that we’d have to return it today. (Overnight rental… wha!? I like nicollet village video, but I’m going to have to remember not to get new releases from there again.) We may well get the second disk, but we’d either be forced to watch it all tonight, or break down and go to Blockbuster instead.

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  1. Of course you may, but I quit netflix last year because I was hardly ever watching anything. And then there were a few times I found myself wanting to watch stuff totally on impulse… and I found myself renting from blockbuster or somewhere even though I had three un-viewed netflix burning a hole in my bookshelf.

    So yeah, while I heartily endorse netflix, it’s only good if you know you’re going to be watching stuff regularly, and also assumes you’ve got some small amount of patience. ;)

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