Go Tetris! presentation

I gave a presentation tonight for the local twin cities chapter of the International Game Developers Association. I think it went well. There were somewhere between ten and twenty people in the audience, and they seemed genuinely engaged and interested.

The presentation can be found here:

After me, another guy, Darrell Hardy presented about board games and the industry in general. I guess he worked at fantasy flight for years… he seemed like a really nice guy, and had several interesting things to say.

Florence tagged along, and she even said afterward that she’d had a good time. She’s been showing more and more interest in games lately. I’ve even got her playing an x-box game (Samurai Warriors 2) with me semi-regularly (the latest in the Dynasty Warriors… er, dynasty, it’s a great one for co-op). My crowning achievement: She admitted to me tonight that she closed her eyes and saw guys running around with little red bars above their heads.

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  1. Congratulations on the presentation-goodness, and cleverly tricking Florence to participate in your video-gamery. It’s a shame how few co-op games there are anymore. I was looking forward to Left 4 Dead (four-player co-op zombie-killing) but I haven’t heard anything about it for months so who knows if it will ever see the light of day..

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