Two Poems for Florence

It’s Valentine’s day, and seeing as how I haven’t posted any poems on here in monthsandmonthsandmonths, I decided I’d look back and see if I ever posted any of the poems I wrote for Florence when we first met. Turns out the answer is no, I didn’t. The first of these was the first poem I wrote for her, and I’m almost embarrassed to say how early in our relationship it was. It was the first time I told her I loved her. (Although I copped out and told her about it before I actually sent her the poem.) The second is one I remember feeling particularly proud of, and it seems to stand the test of time as well… enjoy!

A Single Sticky Thought

My sleepy foggy brain is clogged with
three words so big
they won’t fit out of my mouth.

I think them as you’re touching,
kissing, me awake.
My hands discover your
still naked, freshly clean body.
My eyes too fresh in dream to open.
I tell you about the dream instead,
trying to push the words out of the way.

They bubble to the surface
again in the elevator with you.
Stopping at the main floor, my exit,
This isn’t goodbye. I think, but
my mouth is full of I love you,
and I say nothing.

Synesthesia Aphrodisia

Your touch rings in my ears, your voice
a brush on my skin, your smell so physical
it moves me, the curve of your hips
so potent I taste them with my eyes.

I sense you, a languid memory.
I absorb you, an osmosis dream.
You have invaded me, your presense
a shadow I hear in pastels.

I kneel at an alter of you, take you
whimpering and whispering into my mouth,
swimming in the quiet purr of your voice,
the beautiful pulse of your green gold eyes.

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