My Fabulist Love

I have recently re-discovered the magical site that is For some reason, all the mp3s they post are gold. Or anyway, about 80% of them I like… which, believe it or not, is a fucking HUGE amount for me. And even the stuff I don’t really like (Johny Cash covers Rainbow Connection?) I can _appreciate_ why someone else might like it. I’ve been listening to a playlist I downloaded over there for about a week now, and am totally in love with Laura Marling, Lisa Hannigan, Vampire Weekend and Noah & The Whale.

UPDATE: I now HATE the for introducing me to music that is neigh impossible to obtain!!! Laura Marling’s CD has only just been released in the UK… Import rates are not terrible from, but Noah & the Whale have not even released an album yet!!! Vampire Weekend is readily available, and I haven’t yet looked into Lisa Hannigan. I have listened to all the Noah and the Whale songs on myspace, and they are fucking awesome. I’m retiring from the internet to play Mass Effect now. *cries*

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