Tetrisphere soundtrack by Neil Voss

Last night I was reminded of my fruitless search (back in 2002, I think) for the Tetrisphere soundtrack. Tetrisphere was (and still remains) one of my favorite games of all time. It was released for the N64. Sound for the game was done by this guy Neil D. Voss, I learned at the time, but Nintendo never actually released an official sountrack, even though the game won a “best soundtrack” award from Nintendo Power. Conspicuously the wikipedia link above doesn’t really say what Voss has been up to since then.

Anyway, you can find mp3 rips of the Tetrisphere Soundtrack and The New Tetris (which he also worked on) available at this random Galbadia Hotel site.

Also interesting is this IGN interview with Voss on the making of the Tetrisphere soundtrack (via wikipedia).

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  1. sadly, the site you’ve linked is currently having issues with their host, along with lack of funding to keep the site hosted :(

    thusfar i’ve only been able to find Martist and T-Grey, which I found shortly after the game was released while on the original napster (RIP) – needless to say i’ve been clutching onto those two mp3s since then!

  2. Love both of those soundtracks (but New Tetris wins out for me). Too bad I didn’t know you were looking for it all these years, although this might be a better recording than the one I’ve had for years.

  3. Just wonder where the Track “Snowy Mushrooms” is! :) Else good work ;)

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