brief (but gentle) iPhone tirade

I saw a post somewhere (too lazy to even dig up the link again) with their pie in the sky iPhone wishlist. And I figured, while I’m thinking about it, and while I’m waiting for the iPhone-devteam to get around to releasing the software that will let me upgrade to 2.0 (cause I can’t be bothered without the jailbreak), I figured I’d blort out a quick post about what I wish I had on the iPhone.

  • copy/paste — This is self-explanatory, and I don’t know a single iphone user who hasn’t bemoaned this lack from the beginning. I personally love the way tap-select (and two-tap-right-click) works on the new powerbook touchpads, and wish they’d just get around to implementing it, for crying out loud.
  • bluetooth keyboard support — This also seems like a no-brainer. I want to be able to use the iPhone for writing on the go. Not to mention using ssh in any sort of realistic fashion. ;)
  • multi-machine music add — With my iPod, I can add music from the various machines I’ve “authorized” to use my iTunes account. Why can’t I do this with my iPhone!?! It’s SO frustrating. I have hardly any space left on my home machine, and I didn’t even have my work machine when I got the iPhone initially.

I guess that’s it. I can’t wait to have (access to) a G3, so I can use the GPS features, but honestly, other than increased speed on the go, I can’t imagine much else that could be better about it.

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