I’ve got Mono!

At a friend’s suggestion, I have now listened to all the full-length albums released by Mono. It’s basically ambient instrument-only music that frequently has many layers of guitar and distortion. I guess this particular blend of melodic guitar noise is referred to in some circles as “Post Rock”. I’m tempted to make some blogging jokes here, about writing a post about post rock, or something equally asinine, but you see how I didn’t make that joke, but instead made a reference to it, and that was more tolerable?

Anyway, I like this. It has the same “wash over you” feeling that Sigur Ros has consistently, and I’m intrigued to find that they have another EP released in conjunction with Pelican, whose album “The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw” I also have and sometimes enjoy. (I have not really listened enough to know whether I really dig it or not.) Anyway, for today at least, Mono is the perfect music to relax to while coding-away productively.

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