The World-Wide-Chicken

I read recently that the WWC, (the World-Wide-Chicken) took off running down the road. It was in a forwarded email–you know, the humor listserve stuff–all about different chickens and how they cross the road. There was the windows 98 chicken, “expected to cross the road in march, maybe April, for sure by September,” and various other system-chickens. Mostly, the email wasn’t all that funny, but the image of the world-wide-chicken has stayed with me for a few days. I keep thinking about it at unexpected times.

I place the desktop computer obsolete in ten to twenty years. They ought to be obsolete in five, but businesses are always slow to adopt the newest technologies. “What do we need ‘that’ for?” they ask. Then in another two years they are forced to buy the latest models or become dinosaurs. The point is that “monitors” and “keyboards” as we know them will not exist. (There will be other optical devices, like AR (augmented reality) goggles, and spoken commands will become more than a reality). You won’t need anything larger than a portable CD player to carry around today’s conventional PC, and anything truly heavy duty will be the size of today’s laptop.

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