What a way to begin,

What a way to begin, with crappy crappy templates… (I don’t even want to begin to look at the code…maybe tomorrow.) This blogger thing was at Yami’s suggestion (how do I make links, just do it myself?) Ugh. Anyway, I have nothing to say, I’m too tired, and (ostensibly) sick, and it’s too early/late in the morning.

I’d prefer Vim over all this.. I think I very well may end up going back to my own server for this whole blog thing… I’m just whining. I’ll get over it. When in blogsville… do as the blogs do. I thought there’d be some nice stat feature all built in and stuff. What a crappy free service this is. heh. Actually, I’m pretty impressed. I almost want to look under the hood. I may have to sign up for some free hosting, so I can do the blog somewhere where I can look at the actual code generated. (I’m using blogspot or something, currently.)

Yeah, so… life. Life has been PS2 and two rented games for almost $12… that’s nearly a week now, and I’ve only just finished Devil May Cry. The Dave Murra’s BMX game is also kick ass, and (of the two) the one I most want to actually purchase.

I’m sick, don’t come near me.

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