I just had this incredible

I just had this incredible eye-moment with a sexy-red-lipstick-wearing-girl on the bus.

I was standing in front of her about to get off the bus. She looked at me, I looked at her. We locked eyes. She licked her lips like she was going to say something. I bit my lip. The drunk in front of me stumbled getting off the bus. I grinned at her, she grinned at me. I got off the bus. I turned around, and she was still looking at me out the window of the bus. I made sure she knew I was looking at her, then I turned and walked up the street toward my appartment.

I suppose at this point I thought I was waiting for her to make some move–get off the bus behind me or something. I fantasized about the evening we’d have, getting to know one another… drinking heavily, smearing her gorgeous red lipstick.

Of course I’d already blown it. The moment was gone.

As I walked into my appartment, I fantasized about taking my flatmate’s car and chasing down the bus to ask her out. Then I laughed at myself.

This kind of thing happens frequently enough that I’m always thinking about it… On the bus in the morning I’ll fantasize about moments like this with every girl my momentary glance around the bus deems worthy of fantasizing about. In fact, as I got on the bus today, I began to fantasize about this kind of thing happening with this very girl, and I stopped myself, read my book instead. I never do anything when stuff like this happens. I’m totally and completely incapable of actually saying anything to a stranger.

I should have asked her out for a drink. I should have said “Hello,” or “Goodnight,” or “Hi, what’s your name?” or ANYTHING. I’m a moron.

Not that I’m saying I really need to meet someone or anything. I’m just a moron.