morning is a shadow on

morning is a shadow on a fly’s back. I’m sick of mornings… can’t we just be rid of them entirely? Maybe it’s sleeping through them that I’m sick of. It seems like I never get enough sleep…

Today I woke up just before I should be at work. So I elected to work from home today. (Milk it while I can.)

I’ve discovered a new way to think about my job. It’s all just free money from here on in. I don’t really feel like they need me where I work, so anything they pay me is (for as long as they keep paying me) pretty much like winning the lotery. Every day I’m winning at least a hundred bucks! It’s crazy money, handed down from above!

Well, I think it’s time to get to the miniscule amount of actual work I have to do before I slack off for the rest of the day…

Last night continued the trend

Last night continued the trend of dreaming about living in a video game. I think I was running around beating up people as if Dynasty Warriors were real. I was a “stalwart hero”, and remember just slaughtering hundreds upon hundreds of warriors.

It’s a rather disturbing way to wake up, actually.

At the bus stop, I saw an old friend in his car, and he waved me in. I haven’t seen him for at least six months, but we were close for awhile. I blame his grad-school, and the fact that he’s got a new girlfriend–doubtless leaving him less time for old friends. He was driving home (blocks away) but drove me to work instead, while I told him about various happenings and events in my life. I felt rather distracted talking to him, and wasn’t able to think very clearly or quickly (as is often the case in the morning). I was conscious of how little he would say about himself, and his own life. Is he happy? who knows.

Then, upon checking my email, I discovered I had an email from another good friend I haven’t heard from in quite awhile. (not quite six months, but almost!) Peter is quite the world traveler, and is vacationing in Australia (his home turf). His home is in the netherlands. Last year we met in Las Vegas, (for quite the memorable trip), and it’s always good to hear from him, even if it was just a short email…

Work is fairly boring today, and I’ve been surfing blogs again. I’ve added quite the list to my bookmarks.

well, the weekend swung by

well, the weekend swung by while nobody was looking. I watched a movie or two, and played more video games. I took an adventurous journey to pick up my sister on friday, and on saturday I went to uncle hugo’s–a science fiction bookstore… one of the last independent sci-fi bookstores. Sunday was uneventful.

Now, even though I’m not exactly feeling 100%, I find myself without excuses, and I’ll be returning to work again today to face the near-zero workload that will be waiting for me.

I’m midway through A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, which is thoroughly great and wonderful. I knew this going into it, but I had forgotten or something when I mentioned it here, but it’s by the guy who edits McSweeney’s, which is also quite wonderful.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend today. I’m taking sudafed (with pseudoephedrine) for my virus or whatever it is. The box says I can take it safely every four hours. Today, like clockwork, I start to feel like absolute shit about every 3 and a half hours. What gives? Did I get the batch they skimped on, or is my body just eating the shit up? Or are the viruses (plural of virus? viri?) just stronger than anticipated by ye-ol-pharmaceutical company?

any way you look at it I’m getting the short end of the stick.

Big news today: I bought

Big news today: I bought a humidifier. It glows in the dark!

The doctor said I have an “upper respiratory viral infection.” and that he can do nothing for me. I’m suppose to drink lots of fluids.

I’m finding more faults with Mozilla. There are weird form posting problems. Simmilar problems to the ones IE has on OSX, actually (and this is Mozilla for Win98)

I can’t think about anything for very long. I’ve been playing lots of Final Fantasy X and Dynasty Warrriors 3. Also, today I bought Tony Hawk 3, for only $25 at blockbuster (previously viewed). I was pretty excited about that. Well, as excited as I can be when it hurts to just exist.

OK, enough self-pitty.

wow. I hadn’t thought it

wow. I hadn’t thought it was possible to write such drivel! I have soared to another literary plane with that jumbled account of nothingness. I’ll blame the fever. I’ve been terribly terribly sick these last three days or so (isn’t everyone). I haven’t puked yet, but I’ve done the whole standing in the bathroom looking at the toilet like its filth-ridden bowl might suddenly be your best friend thing. I hate that. But it hasn’t really been a “puking sort” of flu. It’s more sinus related, I think. I may or may not have an infection. I’m going to try and squeeze myself into some clinic tomorrow when I wake up.

Just about all I’ve done the last two days is play video games, read this (so far) awesome book, and occasionally check my email. Occasionally is one of those words I seem to always misspell. I never know wheether there are two ‘c’s, or two ‘s’s. Speaking of misspellings, I thought for a second there that I was misspelling “misspell” because it just looks wrong to me for some reason with those two ‘s’es in there. so I looked it up, and it seems webster’s has both spellings. Of course, mispell (one s) is just a refference to misspell with two. Fascinating.

ok, I’m going to try and sleep now. It’s been almost pointless these last two days, but maybe I’ll be able to get a few good hours in…

untitled [Midnight houses all mannor of thoughts]

Midnight houses all mannor of thoughts
creeping like edgy spiders into the whitespaces of your mind.
Sleep, the white web’s tickling tendril–
a trailing edge of symetrical dream-apocalypses.

Every night I fail to sleep a little longer
breathing life into darkened bedroom corners,
wearing covers and insomnia.

more poetry, less trite bullshit.

more poetry, less trite bullshit. Who cares that I bought groceries today?

Gnawing on a string of midnight;
anger is omniverous.

I’ll grease metal silver-cloud-linings, trying
to slide down some unsuspecting constelation;
a star-spangled banister-rider,
banging eye-sores with tear-drips from the sky’s lips.
Luna never sang so sweet
her concave crater-stains smiling sweetly at me
or grinning greedily at me.
Is the moon fuzzy like a peach?

Trying to turn over a new emotion-leaf.

Rubbing brain-elbows with eucalyptus leaves;
soaking myself in the star-light’s-echinacea-tea.

I didn’t even look out the window. I’d probably only see light polution anyway.

oh wow. I forgot I

oh wow. I forgot I posted that. rather disgusting, isn’t it?

Final Fantasy X is not only beautiful, but it’s terribly addicting too… I’ve found myself talking strategy over ICQ with friends while I’m at work, then leaving early just to play… (ok, so work is slow, and it was only an hour early.)

I bought groceries today. Then I tried to sign up for but they’re not accepting customers in appartment buildings. Typical.