Why does fifteen minutes reading

Why does fifteen minutes reading blogs seem like at least an hour? Yesterday was perhaps the longest seeming day at work for me, ever. I remember thinking at one point, it had to be time to go, and I was evne mentally getting ready, and I looked at the clock and it was only 2:30. I don’t suppose it helps that with my recent OS upgrade to 10.1.2 there is no option to choose between 12 hour time, and 24 hour time. This is true even on my ibook, where I don’t have the problem that I’m stuck in 24 hour time. (for some reason, I look at 14:38 and it looks much later than 2:30, ya know?)

I have discovered the plan

I have discovered the plan to have a blogcon in August in Las Vegas… It’s absolutely crazy.

I feel not at all a part of any sort of blog community. at least, not yet. The weird thing is that I kinda want to feel that way. It’s like a nagging social itch. People I want to meet, or email, or feel close to…

It’s rather strange, actually, because what I really used to crave was online colaboration. I remember doing various online projects with people, usually people I knew, but didn’t hang out with that much, or see that often.

I wonder how many blogs I can find from minneapolis or minnesota.

I have done very little at work lately asside from test out the new build of Mozilla, which kicks ass. There are three reasons I think it’s great. First, you can now use tabs to keep track of your open sessions (instead of windows). I’d change a couple of things abou this (for instance, you can’t right click on a tab and move it to a new window…) and I’d also like to be able to have a nice list of open tabs _and_ windows somewhere. Right now it’s just keeping track of windows under the “tasks” menu.

Second reason it’s great: You can dissable javascript popups. It must be dissabling “onload” popups, because javascript open new window scripts seem to work fine. Porn will never be so innocuous.

Finally, the last reason Mozilla is great is that you can now right click on banner ads and “Block images from this server”. Banner ads begone! I just feel kinda weird about it, because I really want to support some sites, by viewing their ads, or whatever it takes. So I hope I don’t accidentally block servers that also happen to serve ads to sites I like. (oh well if I do. ;)

There are some other things I don’t like so much about it (my mouse scroll-wheel doesn’t work with frames), but the typical complaints, (slow load times, bad rendering) seem like they’ve pretty much been taken care of. I did have it crash on me once in about 8 hours of use. Probably about as often as IE crashes… I can’t wait till there are hundreds of skins too!

*sigh* sex post will have


sex post will have to wait. I have no time for anything really, and I’ve put off doing a little update like this because I wanted to sit and immerse myself in sex-tension-esque-apades for awhile. (How’s that for a word that’ll never catch on?)

I finished Cyteen, by CJ Cheryth last night, and my official opinion is that it sucked ass. If someone reading this loved the book, I’d really like to know why. It won the hugo, so a bunch of people must have, but I really just thought it was far too long, far too drawn out, and far too stupid for the length. I could maybe see if it had been really easy to read, really compelling, but I never felt that way about it, with the possible exception of the first twenty pages.

I’m moving on to a non-sci-fi book… probably the first I’ve read in at least a year. (fictional, that is.) It’s called “A Heartbreaking work of staggering genius.” or perhaps, “a staggering work of heartbreaking genius.” something like that. you get the idea. I’m probably not even getting the words right.

I’m going home now. work sucked, but I did very little but install Mozilla on my mac. It’s beautiful, by the way–mozilla is. really breaks new grounds. Tabs were a stroke of genius, and the fact that I can dissable pop-ups is enough to make me install it on my box when I get home. Blogger doesn’t really look that great in it though…

I think it’s time for

I think it’s time for a good sex post. I don’t know if I’ve even had a sex post before, much less a “good” sex post, which probably just implies “dirty” sex post, Awe, screw it. I’m too tired.