Tonight I had a little

Tonight I had a little adventure. I’ve decided I’m going to do more filming. Juggling movies are the way to go… I made that one of my brother Dan, and I’ve taken lots of other footage, but haven’t put anything together since then. (There have been a few false starts, but nothing finished, yet.)

Anyway, I came up with this idea to walk around downtown juggling for something like 30 min, then speed the video up so it’s like 4 or 5 minutes of fast-forward juggling. Easy, right? Well, I convinced Nate to do the filming, and we even looked up the exact time of sunset, so we’d hit it right in the middle. The plan was to film until the digital camera’s battery gave out, which is normally something like 30 min. Anyway, just as we were starting, I realized that I was still wearing a coat, and not only is it hard to juggle in a coat, but I knew I was going to get hot. We were something like20 feet from Nate’s car… and I wanted to go back and put it in there, but he said “no, I’ll carry it.” and off we went.

It went great. After the camera gave out (at 45 minutes!) I was super exhausted, and we’d had a lot of fun. Nate handed me my coat, and I checked my pockets. No wallet. Shit.

So we retraced our steps, squinting into every dark little puddle and snowbank looking for the damn thing. No dice. another 45 minutes later, I walked back into work (we did the whole thing downtown) to check my messages and grab my backpack before leaving. There were like 3 messages on my work phone, and as I was checking them, Nate checked the answering machine at home. Some lady had already found my wallet!

So we ran over there, and this lady (who seemed like she probably thought I was a moron for loosing it in the first place) handed over the thing without saying 3 words. She maybe said “you’re welcome.” maybe.

So that was my evening. I left the batery charger at work–I’d been in such a hurry to get my wallet back–so no video editing tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I’m going to write an

I’m going to write an autobiography titled All this Work for Nothing: the story of my life. Or perhaps, All this Work for Nothing: A Martin Grider case study.

(Oh oh, now I’ve done it. I’ve posted my name. No end of troubles now!)

Anyway, I think all this work for nothing is a catchy title. I’d like to repeat it a few more times–All this Work for Nothing. Or perhaps, All This Work For Nothing. Which capitalization scheme? You see the perplexing decisions I’m faced with each and every day! All this work… for nothing.

So much of what we

So much of what we do can be, (and is!) interpreted as “crazy” by other individuals. Exhibit A: How many times a year/month/week do you hear this phrase: “It would have worked out, except for the fact that… he/she was CRAZY.”

I realize that this probably applies to myself even more so than other individuals. Perhaps I am crazy. I will begin a trend here of posting things about me that are often percieved as crazy by other people.

Crazy factor 1: I will not enter a monogamous relationship.

I feel that monogamy is yet another social convention accepted by the masses out of sheer convenience. We are not monogamous animals. There are actually human sperm that have evolved for the sole purpose of attacking other human sperm! That proves that biologically we are not monogamous.

I have relented a bit in my stance that nobody is meant to be monogamous. I have had convincing conversations with a suficient numbers of people over the years who feel that they are soley monogamous creatures, and could not bear for themselves the idea of attraction to more than one individual. This is simmilar to my former opinion that everyone is merely shades of bisexual. I realize now that there are individuals so far off the “scale” that there is nothing left to do but call them fully homosexual or heterosexual.

Maybe someday soon I’ll post about crazy factor #2: I cannot abide the word “faith”, and I have a strong disapproval of religious institutions of all kinds.

well, here I am, back

well, here I am, back at work. The entire day, pretty much wasted trying to get a simple page to layout correctly with CSS positioning. I don’t know what the deal is, because I basically cut and paste from a page that looks the same in IE5.5 and mozilla, but mine doesn’t. Frustrating as hell.

Not that it’s work related.

I really want to start a business of some kind. Or maybe just do more stuff that’s not work and video games. I’m not sure. But I really feel like I could find some other way to make a living. I know so many people who just juggle, or sell juggling stuff, or perform.

Bleh. I really just want to sit at home and never deal with people ever again.

Back in the day, I

Back in the day, I made a few levels for Marathon, this great Mac game that was basically the Mac’s Doom equivelent. (better than doom, IMHO). Of course, when quake came out, Marathon was dust in it’s tracks, but Bungie went on to make some other kick ass shit–but all that’s beside the point.

This is what I meant to link. Funny as hell, and is well worth checking out, even if the design sucks ass. (their “Apple releases iLamp” article is also quite humorous.)

Nate and I had a

Nate and I had a smallish party. Nate is my roommate (a word which doesn’t seem to apply, because we have a two-bedroom appartment). Now we have lots of leftover junkfood, because we both ingeniously bought quite enough for everyone who was going to be there.

Now, a story:

Once, there were two guys living in a small appartment. If the guys hadn’t known each other since kindergarden, and already worked out all the differences they may have once had–including one fall the stealing of one’s girlfriend and the subsequent three months of silence that followed–they would perhaps be at each other’s throats with switchblades and flamethrowers. Fortunately, such is not the case, and these two guys get along great. Thus, there is no reason for this story. The End.

If Nate and I ever live appart from one another, we’re going to have a hell of a time sorting out who owns which DVDs and/or Playstation games.

I dedicate this late-night post to Nate. He’s my roommate. A great guy. He plays Comedy Sportz.

Now, the meaning of life.

I just can’t seem to

I just can’t seem to get started today. Everything feels like too much work. I was spoiled those days I spent at home last week, sick like child-pornography, and now I don’t want to do anything. Ever again.

OMG. I’m “working” from home

OMG. I’m “working” from home today, and I just now felt compelled to try the salt licorice that Yami sent me from Denmark … (It’s been sitting on my desk while I was basically too sick to really taste it.) Let me repeat. OMG. I can’t decide whether I like it or not, but I think it’s akin to sourpatchkids, only without being sweet.

OK, there is a little sweet, but it’s FAR more salty, and then underneath somewhere there’s this hint of licorice flavor.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a HUGE fan of black licorice. I love good licorice. But this is just wrong.

Woah. Crazy.

I find myself obsessively compelled

I find myself obsessively compelled to watch a friend of mine at work because she has a webcam. This isn’t even someone I talk to regularly, or see on any kind of regular basis. In fact, usually our social interactions will be months at a time between chance encounters that go something like this: “Hey, good to see you!” “yeah, what’ve you been up to?” “not terribly much, and you?” “More of the same. Good to see you though” “Yeah, you too.” Not even the sometimes obligatory “we should hang out sometime!” or “we really must do this more often”.

But my watching her has sparked more than one day where we exchanged emails all day… maybe it helps that she’s single and attractive, but it’s a really odd thing to just watch her at various times throughout the day.