We’re living in this incredible flux.

We’re living in this incredible flux. This book I read, some really dumbass science-fiction psychology focused book–Cyteen–was constantly talking about how we live in flux. How our minds are full of contradictions, and that causes us to “flux” which really just meant let our emotions control our actions. I don’t think lack of thought automatically means we’re acting based on our emotions. I’m not even sure the book meant this. I’m getting what the book was saying and what I’m trying to say all mixed up. It’s not important about the book. It’s one of those epic things that’s far too long to forget. I wish it had been much shorter (like 400 pages shorter) and I’d have already forgotten all about it.

Anyway, I feel moody today. In flux. Maybe it’s the moon. Maybe it’s the stars. Probably it’s just my weird sleep patterns that end up getting in the way of work and my schedule for the day.

I bought the new Freddy Fresh album. It’s grand. Good-ole techno. Hard beats and catchy loops that go on for probably too long. It’s his first american release, and I’ve got one of his imports (the one with the fatboy slim remix on it) and I think this is better.

I’m gonna go take a shower, and wash away the moody sleep-eye residue. Water falls different on my head now. It doesn’t run down my hair. If there’s anything I miss about my hair, it was the way the hot water sorta soked into it slowly, moving it’s way down my back like a snake or something. Now the water is just there, instantly, and it slides off my head just as fast, heating my scalp for only so long.

I recommend everyone go from having really long hair to shaving their head once in their life. It’s like you’re a new person, only you’re still the same. And everyone comments about it, even people you don’t talk to that often. (or, as was the case yesterday, people you never talk to–a waitress at a bar I go to two or three times a month with co-workers came up to me and made some comment.)

The response to the change so far has been very positive. I don’t have any weird lumps on my head or anything. I look tougher now, I guess, and my ear-rings stick out more, which I think is good. I’ve always wanted to look more punk, without actually doing anything terribly drastic. OK, so I guess shaving my head is kinda darastic. Maybe. Really, I’m just afraid Yami is going to never speak to me now. (And, as predicted–not here–she hasn’t really been writing me since she got back to caltech. So I wouldn’t even notice a difference… not that I’m bitter. ;)

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  1. I haven’t been writing *anyone* since I got back to Caltech. I’m really starting to resent this place.

    Tue 16:59

  2. well, I’m sure there are plenty of others just like me who are also starting to resent that place on your behalf.

    Wed 09:31

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