morning is dismal. Outside raindrops

morning is dismal. Outside raindrops on little stretchers are being carted to raindrop-morgues, dead before they hit the street. I woke up to the annoyingly perpetual dawn-hue from my window, sunlight filtered through cloud-layer after sadistic cloud-layer.

now I’m trying to psych myself up for going to work. This is much like ten minutes ago (showers are short now…) when I was trying to get myself up out of bed… thinking the door is so close, it’s not that far, and taking a shower isn’t so bad for at least five, maybe ten minutes–felt more like an eternity in that half-awake, almost-dreaming state just before the snooze kicks off, and my alarm continues its auditory barrage.

I can’t decide what kind of art car I’m going to turn my beat up old geo-prism into. I would like to do some kind of collage, but I’d have to use some kind of varnish, so the first rain wouldn’t just wash away the whole thing. I like this idea, because I could just carry around two tubs–one of adhesive, and one of varnish–and paste up anything anytime. It’d be dense, fun to look at…

I’d better get going. I need to work on finding a way not to work.