link of the day

link of the day

This last weekend was MONDO, the local juggling fest. It was probably the best mondo ever, and I learned a ton of stuff, got a new set of props (zuni’s–poi) and otherwise enjoyed the hell out of the weekend.

Last night I took a shower, and finally unlocked the last character in DW3. I was up far too late doing it, but it was great. More playing tonight, if all goes well. Laura is sick, and I want to visit her, but I already have plans for group PS2… so… I hope she doesn’t hate me for not making her ckicken noodle soup.

I got an email from a once aformentioned old friend (peter) today. He says I “LIED” before when I mentioned him. I guess it’s only been a couple of months since he wrote last, not six. Sorry peter.

Back to the grind (for a half hour) before I head off.

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