Today has been surreal. I

Today has been surreal. I think it may be carryover from last night, when I watched the second half of Mulholland Drive. I rarely stop watching a movie and start it again, but for some reason this one wasn’t grabbing me the first time. Hell, it didn’t really grab me the second time either, but it left me thinking “I must have missed something.

So I turned to the internet, and found a really great article on Salon that explains the entire thing. Strangely, after understanding more of the nature of the film, it was far more haunting. I think I had dreams about some of the various aspects of the film. (unfortunately, my dreams did not incorporate the lesbian sex scenes.)

I guess I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night and told laura she was making too much noise. I don’t remember this, but she decided to leave. I feel pretty bad about it, and will try to make up for it by staying at her place tonight.

I got a message from my illustrious friend Peter. His life rivals most novels in terms of plot points, and excitement. I’m always jealous of the kinds of things he gets to do. This week it was some kind of inline-skate-theater-event. I’ll have to write back and tell him about my rollerblade Cyotes. (The rollerblades with 6″ wheels.)

The drive to work today felt more like swimming through traffic. I was probably still far too tired to be driving, but I don’t feel tired. Just surreal. To keep with the water theme, I keep thinking stuff on my monitor is just floating there… like it’s some kind of fishbowl.