I got a lot done

I got a lot done today. Read slashdot, theonion, played some Cannons with Chris. It’s funny, I really did get a lot done today. And I’m still working! My computer is upgrading itself… (mac osx software update RULES!) The onion and slashdot both had interesting articles. Plus, the onion links to a hello kitty dildo, which I may have to buy as a gag gift for someone, because… damn that’s funny.

I’m getting excited to be on the road. In less than an hour, Laura and I will be on our way to Kansas. Yes, it’s only Kansas, but it’ll still be fun. My only real concern is that I won’t get to play nearly enough video games while I’m gone. I probably won’t have a ps2 at all! Plus, lately, I’ve been getting pretty into the copy of Summoner that I picked up for $10. It’s not as bad a game as it first appears, and the graphics do get better as you play–although they’re still nowhere near what a PS2 game should be capable of.

I’m also looking forward to hopefully finishing my book while we’re on the road. Since laura can’t read while she’s in a car, I’m hoping I can make her do most of the driving.

3 Replies to “I got a lot done”

  1. Oh… hey… did you spend more time playing video games than having sex? That’s the key bit.
    Sun 03:12

  2. no video games in kansas… I think I may have had an influence on her sister though, she spent about fifteen minutes sat night whining to her boyfriend about wanting a gamecube. :)

    also unfortunately, no sex in kansas… We slept on her sister’s futon in the living room, so privacy wasn’t available. It was pretty damn rainy on saturday, so we got to spend time on friday outside, but didn’t really do any of that “enjoying the world around” us stuff on saturday. Plus, Kansas city in’t all that enjoyable. really.

    I did find out today that propeller interactive is based out of kansas. I almost sent them my resume–then thought better of it.
    Mon 15:02

  3. i like to comment so that you’ll feel loved. i hope you have a great time in kansas and finish your book. but please, boy! put down the game controller, go outside, and enjoy the world around you.
    Fri 14:26

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