Found this over at Yami’s

Found this over at Yami’s blog, but apparently there may be a nuclear reactor at the center of the earth. Damn that’s crazy. I wonder how many different ways there are possible to exploit that as a weapon?

Got a new victory shag today. (I still haven’t searched for blogging-shag-watchers. I’m going to start a shaggers anonymous or something–I swear!) My own fantasies are like ripe plums, juicy and ready to spoil. The fact that I told a friend about my possible fantasy-come-true and haven’t heard from her since has me sort of eyeing my email with rather silly regularity this morning.

I have too much to do at work, and a weekend with far too much planned. There is a parade this evening that I’m planning on being in, and a parade on sunday I’m planning on watching. Tomorrow promises to be busy as well.

How’s that for a pathetic post.

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