You remember that list? Yeah,

You remember that list? Yeah, nothing. I’ve done nothing. Last night I went and saw some awesome poetry. Today, I woke at noon, brushed my teeth, shaved my head, read some Wired, and have done absolutely nothing else. (well, surfing for awhile before making this post doesn’t count.)

I’m a pathetic slacker to the 10th degree. What’s worse is that when I first woke up I didn’t really feel like playing video games, but now that laura is bound to get home any minute, (and subsequently we’ll be out the door to try and purchase a new computer), suddenly I do.

I suppose that’s not quite the crisis I’m making it out to be.

My shameful confession: I ordered an x-box on ebay. Hey! No money to M$! But now it’s sitting at the UPS office, and I can’t pick it up till monday. Frustration ensues. Maybe I’ll go play some Mr. Mosquito.