ahh, back to the routine.

ahh, back to the routine.

a website here, a websearch there…

I want to make money online, I’ve decided. I don’t know yet how I’m going to do this. I’ve had some ideas, but I never get around to implimenting them. I might start a business with my friend Jason. He wants to start a specialty sex shop. I’d put it online for him. Problem is, neither of us have enough startup cash.

4 Replies to “ahh, back to the routine.”

  1. What start-up cash? Take a bunch of orders, then get the wholesale merch and send it out, remember 4-6 weeks shipping time?

    Tue 17:47

  2. How much cash do you need? I want to be a new (should I say noveau) porn financier. spliv is right though. You can start right away. All you need is a valid credit card number. It doesn’t even has to be yours/ ;))

    Wed 00:33

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