crazy. I’m updating right now

crazy. I’m updating right now from the bottom of mozilla. It’s amazing, I can do things like drag links from my browser straight onto highlighted words in my blog entry. Mozilla truly is an amazing achievement. There are so many side projects and cool features to add, it boggles the mind, I think. I can even add a spell checker this way, which blogger doesn’t have unless I pay for it.

I am still super busy at work, and I shouldn’t be playing even this much… All week I’ve been brainstorming my ideal job, but I think I’ve realized it just now. If only I could get paid to blog. Or maybe work on mozilla. I don’t know which would be cooler.

UPDATE: OK, this thing needs serious work, I guess. I had some funky things happening, and formatting was all weird. It may be that I can fix the formatting issue, but there is no post and/or publish confirmation, and that’s a bit disconcerting. Plus, it adds doctype tags and head and body tags to EACH post. That seems unnecessary.

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