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Mopsa writes relatively frequently about her various insecurities. She’s so human it’s sick sometimes. Hyper-human. It occurred to me this afternoon that this is never something I would have expected from her, having known her personality in "real life" — before we both ventured into the blogging wonderland. Mopsa is a formidable woman. Not necessarily imposing, but commanding. She’s witty, intelligent, and downright fun to be around. I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t like her. (Although I can think of people who might not like her, but they don’t count as real people anyway.)

It’s been a weird week. I’ve been talking a lot about how time seems much faster than it used to seem. I feel like weeks are flying by at a pace usually reserved for days, if not hours. For some strange reason I have not been keeping up on my blog reading. Maybe at first it was because I was too obsessed playing with MT (which I have now upgraded to 2.5, btw). Anyway, for whatever reason, I had not read mopsa’s blog in over a week.

How disturbing to discover that she’d been in a life-threatening accident!


Dear Mopsa,

Get well soon.


PS, your blog kicks ass.

PPS, I fixed my computer last night. I know you probably didn’t even know it was broken, but it wasn’t playing 3d video games, and that made me sad. I had to switch from 4X AGP to 2X AGP. At least, I think that was the thing that fixed it. (We tried two or three things before finding it was working.) Now I’m all excited about the LAN party this weekend.

PPPS, disregard that last PS, it was meant more for general consumption than for your own. That’s not to say I didn’t want you to read it. I like that you read my blog. It makes me happy. I’m glad you’re ok.

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