1 side of weekend, hold the impending cold, please.

My weekend was GREAT.

Friday night I got halfway to unicycling only to realize that I had a concert ticket in my pocket. Doors opened half an hour previously. I went to unicycling anyway, and practiced for 20 min or so before heading to First Ave. Apples in Stereo were not quite as exciting as I’d hoped, although they were good. I left before the headliner and hung out with Laura for the rest of the evening.

My computer performed beautifully at the LAN party Saturday. I was the first to get there, and the last to leave. My favorite part were the couple of hours in the middle when we had 12 players (two teams of six) playing Unreal Tournament 2003. That’s some good fun stuff.

Sunday I spent upgrading my laptop to OSX 10.2 (or jaguar). When I say sunday, I mean a good chunk of it, like 4 HOURS. I don’t know why the upgrade took so long, but it was enough time for me to get through 2/3 of UT’s single player missions.

Sunday night Laura and I hung out with some new and blooming friends, watching this amazing movie, Death to Smoochy. I had heard only bad things about this movie, but they were all wrong. I recommend it highly. We’re getting together again on Wed to watch The Adventures Of Buckaroo Bonzai Across The 8th Dimension, which I have yet to experience.

Now, yes, my throat hurts. Lets hope it goes away.

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