more green than you can shake a stick at

I just got done helping irish-girl give her site a major overhaul. She’s using movable type now, and I was actually pretty impressed that it only took one night to do all the stuff we did. (7-ish to 12:45-ish) She had a design already, and the part I thought was going to take the longest was integrating that with the movable type templates. That turned out to be pretty painless, overall (although it was still what took the longest). I thought for sure we were going to mess stuff up left and right, but there was only one or maybe two misshaps the whole evening. Then again, I’m sure she’ll find more to change in the comming weeks.

The whole process reminded me how much I want to overhaul my own site. I haven’t really changed much of anything on my archives templates, in part because I liked the idea of keeping the “defaults” so much, but I’m a version behind on those already, so I should just break down and make the changes I’ve been wanting to make. (like adding comments links to the posts on the monthly pages, and maybe adding side nav on the individual archives pages…)

I really want to play some GTA: Vice City before going to bed, but it’s getting late… (I can’t believe I’m saying that.) So anyway, go visit meghan’s site–and update your bookmarks.. her blog is the index now.

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  1. woah… at no point was I in irish-girl’s mouth. (just for clarification purposes.)

    Many dentist’s mouths, yes. irish-girl’s no.

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