candy addict

yes. I am addicted to candy.

We dressed up at work, and had a little costume contest. I actually won 3rd place, despite putting very little effort into my costume (even less than last weekend)! I won a duffel bag.

Everyone brought candy, and I brought not one, but two of the horribly expensive candy grab bags that you only see around this time of year at gas stations and convenience stores. I stopped at the Walgreens that is a block from my house because it was convenient. Anyway, I couldn’t decide between the Sweet Tarts/Spree/Bit o’ Honey or the Willy Wanka bag. In the end, I had to get both, but I was seriously leaning towards the Willy Wonda because it had Bottlecaps in it! They don’t sell bottle caps ANYWHERE that I know of in minneapolis. Anyway, I’ve already eaten all the bottlecaps. I’m onto sweet tarts now.

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  1. Ok–when you say ‘at work’ do you mean on your floor? or in the whole building? don’t let the big guys find out about the fun you’re having.

  2. The other day I was trying to explain bottle caps to someone who’d never seen them… I concluded that they’re just inexplicably delicious. Especially root beer ones.

    Thanks, you’ve just kicked up my candy craving.

  3. everyone was invited to dress up, but only the 4th floor (and only really our team,) participated. Apparently a bunch of us actually went down and paraded our costumes for the “big wigs” on the 1st floor, but I was in a conference call, and unfortunately had to miss that strategic event.

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