Lali Whona?

I was a bit disappointed that there were only 15 or so people at the Lali Puna concert, when I showed up 45 min after doors opened. But by the time they got on stage 2 & 1/2 hours later, the place had filled out some… Still not one of the fuller shows I’ve been to at the 7th street entry, but they managed to kick some major ass anyway.

I don’t know why my reviews generally end up comparing one artist to another, but for some reason one of the only illuminating thoughts I had during their set was that they’re like an electronic jam band. I couldn’t help but think they had a lot in common with Five Style or Critters Buggin’, both of whom I love.

All three acts for the evening were on the Morr Music record label. The first two were just guys with laptops and various analog knobs. (Opiate, and Styrofoam) All three of the acts relied on Apple laptops, btw, which I found quite illuminating. I was only a wee bit discouraged to catch a glimpse of one and find it was still running OS 9.x.

I picked up 4 CDs at the concert, and so far, I haven’t been disappointed in the least. The CD of 5 bomb the bass remixes has been particularly exceptional.

I wrote this stream of conscious poem while watching Opiate, the first (and I felt better) of the opening acts:


Standing in cigarette smoke,
smelling the beats,
nodding to video feed.
Thought of starting a band,
tasted obnoxious talking fans.
All the while, my feet
were swallowing my heart.


I really did fantasize about starting a band.. I need to start doing music on my laptop first, but then I could advertise in coffee shops and stuff. I’d want to be able to perform live, but keep a very electronic sound… I also brainstormed some band names. Supernut or perhaps Supernaught was my favorite.

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