I’ve managed to dress the same as two other co-workers today, so at our boss’s insistence, we took pictures. Of course, even if I had access to these pictures, no way in hell would I post them.

The office is being shaped-up (read thrown into disarray) due to impending visits from big clients. For some reason, this involved shuffling everyone’s seating arrangements. My new cube has a window that faces south (instead of east) and now I can’t leave the blinds open without squinting. Oh yeah, and they’re also incapable of moving my phone, so now it’s the only thing at my old desk, and I go over there every few hours to see if anyone has called me. (ETA on the phone move is Friday. :P)

At a co-worker’s recommendation, I’m listening to The Pizza Tapes, which is the last recording session with Gerry Garcia. It’s pretty good folk, actually. Not really what I expected, but then I was pretty open to whatever. (I’m not a big fan.) Believe it or not, I needed a break from Lali Puna. (six tracks later, I think my break is nearly up — this is a long cd.)

I won tix to see the new Bond movie tonight. Nobody really seems to trust my taste in movies but me, so I’m not promising to post a review or anything, just stating the fact. (or e-babbling.)

One of my favorite words is Flibbertigibbet. I’ve particularly admired it since I first saw it used in the movie Joe vs the Volcano. I don’t know what this has to do with anything, but if I were a female, and I could verb the word, I’d be flibbertigibbetting right now.

2 Replies to “flibbertigibbetting”

  1. It depends on which definition you go by, I guess, but most of the definitions I’ve read at least mention it. Interestingly, dictionary.com’s definitions are pretty lame, but it was word of the day Jan 11, 2001, and that page has lots of interesting flibbertigibbet historical information.

    (On a side note: dictionary.com now appears to have changed to dictionary.reference.com!!! Oh no, there is also a (new?) signup for “premium” service. That’s disappointing.)

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