thanksmas 2002

Every year at this time we head down to Iowa for thanksgiving to visit with the relatives, eat turkey dinner (in the middle of the day, usually after lunch would occur, but before I’d usually get home from work), and hang out. Then, the next day we put up christmas lights, the old plastic and wire tree, and open all the presents we would normally exchange at christmas, again, eating a nice big feast in late afternoon. We call this weekend Thanksmas. One year we even made shirts. I can’t remember what they looked like, but I know they had a turkey with a santa’s hat. Unfortunately, if I remember right, they were this horrible shade of light green. Needless to say, nobody wears them.

This year will be the first year I won’t be eating the meat because I’m vegetarian. In the past I’ve always had to make some excuse.

I’m leaving straight after work. (like in minutes, really.)

I don’t know how frequently I’ll update from IA, but anyone reading this is used to my slack already, so it hardly matters.

I was tempted to jump on the haiku bandwagon, but inspiration jumped ship about two paragraphs ago. ciao.

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