turkey down, ham to go

So, what do 20 or 30 relatives who see each other about once a year have in common? Relatively little.


Actually, the one thing we seem to all share in abundance is the desire to watch DVDs. Particularly sci-fi DVDs. (I suppose the medium is not really all that important, DVD just happens to be the most convenient format available.) My cousins have a wall-projection TV mounted to the ceiling of their basement, (where all of us minnesota cousins are sleeping for the duration), and the surround sound system down there is pretty kick ass.

Today I have watched: Reign of Fire, Ocean’s Eleven (ok, that was last night before we went to bed), Castaway and Death to Smoochie (which I bought on DVD for $10 at the video store), plus bits and pieces of 2010, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Spy Kids. We didn’t actually watch 2010, because I convinced people that if we were going to watch it, there was a perfectly good DVD downstairs, (and they happened to be surfing the cable channels and stumbled onto it.) We still saw about half an hour of it, in the middle somewhere. Remind me to watch the whole thing sometime.

I should have finished my book instead. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m reading Jeff Noon’s new novel, Falling out of Cars. It’s pretty weird. I love the writing style, but so far the story has gone nowhere, and not very fast at that. The premise is decent, but I’m afraid when all is said and done it may have been a better short story than it has been a novel. I’ll let you know when I finish it.

Oh yeah, and my cousin Rebecca has a couple of blogs. I haven’t pried the URLs out of her yet, but she’s got one on blogger and one on LiveJournal. I mentioned movable type, and she at least knew what it was. We have yet to sit down at a computer togetherÂ…

I read this popular science article about vole monogamy this afternoon. It’s interesting. Makes me wish we were that simplistic. Hell, maybe we are, and all the speculative stuff at the end of the article is just hot air. (That was kinda what I thought it was as soon as they stopped talking about voles, so who knows?) Now I just need to get my hands on some liquid oxytocinÂ…

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