open letters to bush

I haven’t kept up on my blog reading lately. I feel rather bad about it, actually. This morning I went through and read Naked Tiny back to the last time I’d been on his site, and there were a number of political posts that I wholeheartedly agree with, including a letter to our dumbass president.

This got me thinking that maybe we should all write public (open) letters to Bush. I imagined this flood of dissent… A veritable barrage of websites protesting, not loudly, but quietly, questioningly.

Then I remembered that I’d seen one of these before. A while back mopsa posted a link to Sean Penn’s Open Letter to George W. Bush.

I did a few google searches… and realized slowly that this sort of thing is fairly common. There are about 382,000 results for “open letter to president bush”. Someday, maybe I’ll add my voice to the chorus, until then, I’m with Tiny.

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