life as I know it

Well, no apologies for lack of updates, but here’s a quick rant on life this past week.

Monday — car failure. Two hours, I waited on the side of the road, talking on the phone, trying to figure out whether I needed a tow truck, and where I should have the eventual tow truck take my car to be repaired.

Tuesday I took the fix-it-place my key, (since they were closed the night before — when my car arrived magically in their lot), and I worked from home. Far from being fun, working from home is actually more frustrating than anything else for me, because we have crappy firewall issues, and shitty exchange webmail. Fortunately, I have been doing some php all week, and ssh-ing into the dev server to work there wasn’t too horrible. Plus, PHP is fun!

Wednesday, worked from home again, which meant that when I finished up my php project sooner than expected I just walked out my front door. I spent the afternoon doing some nearly-overdue Christmas shopping. I am especially proud of what I got Laura. And as she loves to point out, I am constantly on the verge of ruining her surprise — I just want her to share my excitement! (I am not, as coined for me Monday night in the movie Vanilla Sky, a pleasure delayer.)

I also picked up my car on Wed, and am $350 poorer for it. This brings my total car expenditure up to $1100. $1200 if you include the tow. That’s still not bad, really. Unfortunately, when I drove to work this morning, the crack in my windshield was longer than it had been the night before. (And I know it didn’t lengthen while it was at the shop, because I was thinking about its length after I picked it up.) The increase is probably just because it froze last night for the first time in ages. Who knows when that expense will come to visit.

In a few minutes, I’m going to post another rant, about this new version of IE I’ve just discovered.

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  1. punkin – your windshield should be covered by your insurance so you shouldn’t have to pay anything for it. call one of those auto glass places that gives you a free box of steaks. oh wait, you’re a vegetarian. i’ll take the steaks.

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