S.C.U.B.A. insanity

On friday, we finally went to the scuba shop Laura’s mom works at, and dove in the pool they have for training. It was incredibly fun, and I especially liked playing catch underwater with the missile-shaped toy they have for that purpose. This made both Laura and I want to get SCUBA certified, but that can take weeks, and is probably quite expensive. (of course if we lived in Texas, near Laura’s mom, we’d have it done in no time, and it’d probably cost next to nothing.) I’ll add it to my list of hobbies I’d take up if we were super-rich, and had infinite free time. (Other items on that list: paintball, rock climbing, and skydiving.)

The plane back to MN was not as crowded as the plane before x-mas, and despite a short hitch at baggage claim everything went fairly smoothly. They did search one of our bags on the texas end, but that went fairly smoothly too.

Laura and I spent all day today shopping. We made a list and everything, but my #1 desire was not at any of the stores we went looking for it at. I really wanted to find Super Bubble Pop, which is this new puzzle game for the gamecube, but it was only released on the 20th, and nobody has it yet. I ordered it from amazon just now.

I’ve been talking about starting a website devoted to puzzle games for quite a while now… if anybody reading this knows of one, let me know. My only hang-up is that I’d really like to have screenshots of all the games, (in addition to reviews, and ratings and stuff like that), but I have no TV-to-PC connection capabilities at the moment. I suppose I could just link to a site like GameScreenshots.com, but I’d have to be sure they have the games I’m reviewing, and with many puzzle games, that’s not always the case.

Of course, what I’d really like to do is make my own… *sigh* Well, I’m off to play metroid prime for the first time in like a week. (after I eat Laura’s fabulous dinner.)

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