moblogging + vlogging = movlogging

Let me just preface this post by saying: I’ve always wanted to be a cyborg.

Laura has recently been shopping for a PDA. And in the process of trying to figure out which one best suits her needs, I’ve been tempted by the dark side. I’ve started coveting the PDAs that are not at all what she needs, but rather are the latest and greatest on the PDA market.

What could I possibly use a PDA for? (particularly one of the higher-end, color, internet connected PDAs?) why, moblogging, of course. Thus, without further ado, I link for you Joi Ito’s Moblogging, Blogmapping and Moblogmapping related resources as of 12/28/2002 17:44.

I would SO like to be able to blog from anywhere, anytime, by simply pulling something out of my pocket. (Not even going to mention the millions of times I’ve been away from a computer and wanted to look something up on google.) I found out yesterday that this kind of constant wireless connection will only set you back $10/month from palm. Of course, I’d want a really nice PDA to go with my nice connection… which amounts to at least half of a 2 week salary. I’m still debating. I’ve never really been convinced a PDA is the way to go before. I mean, data entry on those things sucks ass… (I’ve tried it!) so I’m sure I’d want to get one of those fold-up keyboards… and now we’re talking about carrying around a souped-down laptop with a tiny monitor and lousy input devices. Like I said, I’m still debating.

I found the above link while surfing around on Anil Dash’s blog, which is great and also led me to Short Fuse‘s entry on vlogging.

Blogging from anywhere is technologically (if not quite economically) practical, but how far are we from the day when video-blogs are all the rage? Personally, I don’t think it’s that far off. I’ve talked before about how I think real-tv and blogs have some of the same appeal, (maybe not well, but I’ve mentioned it), and I can easily picture thousands of websites with blogged cam entries. Blogs are what webcams were made for! But screw filming yourself (as with the traditional webcam), I think it’s going to really get interesting when you can combine the two blog-terms above and vlog from anywhere. When you can walk around and mumble quietly to yourself about your day, then post it to the internet minutes later, that’ll be the day! Damn, I want to movlog!

(blogterms? blogisms? I really wanted to coin a new phrase here for words made up from the word blog — but I’m sure someone has already beat me to it. I’ll google for it tomorrow, when I’m not so tired.)