novels, anyone?

I didn’t finish my novel this year, but over at the National Novel Writing Month website there are literally a couple of thousand people who did. And they did it in one month.

OK, so 2,000 words per day, for 25 days = a 50,000 word novel. I can do that! It’s just that, when I do my best writing, it tends to come out in 250 to 500 word chunks. That’s four to eight of those a day. We’re talking serious writing time. But I can still do it! (I must have serious motivational issues to be even considering this silly contest where everyone who finishes 50,000 words of crap is a “winner”.)

In other news, I’ve been working on an about page, with lots of juicy-cool MT plugins to create cool stats and word counts. I’m even considering my own MT plugin (a variation on a theme). I’ll keep you posted (HA!), but I doubt I’ll finish the page today, it being the last day of the year and all that.

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