Your life: splattered in pixels.

Why is it that I can’t seem to get to bed before 3AM? This last week has been night after night of 6 hour sleep cycles. I’m the least productive I’ve been in months. (I blame GTA3:Vice City.) What’s worse is that I haven’t touched the “novel” I’m trying to write in just about as long. Maybe this weekend will be less crazy, and I’ll get some writing done.

Kicking off said weekend, tonight is this big paintball extravaganza that’s been in planning for the last couple of weeks. I convinced a few people to go, and just about everyone else did too. We grew from a group hoping to get 10 people (the minimum reservation to rent an arena) to having between 20 and 25. It’ll be my first time playing in an indoor arena, so I’m excited. (Note, link is to one of the worst websites I’ve ever seen. There are some pictures of the arena at I wonder how many first person shooter level-design parallels I’ll make in the course of the evening.

Last night I went to the brand-spanking-new restaurant that Jason posted about after he went. When the manager on duty asked us how we’d heard about the place (there were like 2 people in the restaurant when we showed up) I just said “from a friend”. I didn’t want to go into the whole blog thing. But it occurs to me that that’s what I should have said. More and more I’ll bet this kind of thing is happening. How many times have you read about something in a blog and then acted on that knowledge in “real” life? It happens to me all the time, I think.

Where the digital meets the real: Next, on Oprah!

PS, I’m planning a big post on juggling sometime soon! In it, I’ll tell you all about the class I taught at Circus Juventas last Wednesday, among other juicy high-flying facts!

UPDATE: Jason pointed out that I didn’t a) mention the name of the restaurant (AZIA), or b) include an opinion really at all. It was good food, a little pricy, but good. Go read jason’s post for more… *grin*

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  1. first, i am feeling you. my sleeping lately is total crap. next time i have insomnia i’m coming over to play video games where i can fuck hookers and shoot people. it sounds relaxing.

    second, mopsa wants to write a book, too. hello WRITING CLUB?!

    third, i’m going to shoot you in the ass with a paint pellet. hey wait…is this stuff going to wash out of my clothes?

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