skirts and pants

I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole “lazy web” concept. I had a sort of lazyweb experience happen the other day when I posted on irish-girl’s blog that I wanted a site to pay my bills for me. (a few people pointed me to various services that do just that.)

This is of course especially appealing because I’m quite lazy, and I have lots of useless ideas.

I have a couple of useless links. dead baby jokes, and homestarrunner’s system is down message

Non-sequitur for the day: What’s up with women wearing skirts over pants? When did this become fashionable, and how?

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  1. Dude! It was a few years ago that the pants *with skirts already attached* had been moved to the discount racks! I can’t imagine how long the skirt&pants trend had been going on before someone got the idea that they should be sewn together. But knowing that the trend is still around somehow makes my life slightly worse…


  2. Yeah, it’s pretty disgusting, I’ll agree. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I tend to think it somehow represents the current fashion trends. I saw the skirts/pants thing a few nights ago while Nate was watching TV, and then the next morning this girl at work was wearing the combo… *shudder*

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