metaphor with sharks

I was reminded today (over IM) that people are different. They react differently to different things. Generally speaking, I tend to assume that people are not different. I’m not sure why that is, but I want to fit everyone into my mold, and figure out their motivations from there.

What does it mean that I find it more difficult to go back to a non-romantic relationship after one has been initiated than someone else does? This was one of the interesting conclusions I came to toward the end of my IM conversation. Which way is more common? Is this difficulty quantifiable, and is it black and white, or grey?

I find that for me, romantic relationships are like swimming pools… or perhaps oceans–bodies of water anyway. They’re cool and refreshing, and whenever I see one, I immediately want to jump into it–sometimes dive into it! Usually without any sense of restraint or self preservation. (No floatation device.) When I emerge from them, pruned and wrinkled as I may be, I’m still wet. And toweling one’s self dry is not as effective as just waiting for the relationship to evaporate.

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