MT 2.61

Well, here it is… I spent the last hour reading the movable type support forums trying to figure out why MT was giving me a servelet error after I upgraded carefully to 2.61. I meticulously went through each directory, making sure everything was actually there, and found nothing. I don’t have access to my webserver’s error logs (or I seem to have forgotten where they are, I’m not sure on that one) so I was pretty much at wit’s end when I finally just re-uploaded all the .cgi files in the main directory. Low and behold, it works. (so far.) Kinda frustrating, seeing as how I uploaded them in exactly the same way both times.

I guess the internet works in mysterious ways. Either that, or my beloved copy of WinSCP2 isn’t as wonderful as I give it credit for being.

There are some nasty comments on the support forums about this new version, so I’m crossing my fingers…

I want to publicly appologize to Laura for snapping at her in the middle of this fiasco. She’s got a headache, and I should really go tell her I’m sorry.

(After that, if this post works OK, maybe I’ll tackle re-creating the whole blog, so I can take advantage of some of the new features.) *rubs hands together*

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