simple pleasures, snowpenises

I just went for a walk with Alex down to the bridge out behind the building. Barely anybody has walked on it since it’s snowed, and today the snow is ripe for snowballs and snowmen. I made a snowman, (that Alex tried to put a penis on! hehe… snowpenis kinda sounds a bit like subloopiness… coincidence?) and then we amused ourselves for quite a while by throwing snowballs at the frozen creek. Finally, after rolling a snowman-sized ball of snow and hurling it as far as possible, I managed to puncture the ice. We did so another time before I rolled our last snowball, (Which was probably 3 feet high!) up to the edge of the bridge’s railing. Actually, I had to get Alex’s help even to push it that far. We grunted and strained to get it over the railing, but it was well worth it, falling straight into the middle of the river, creating a hole exactly as large as the snowball. The water was black and murky underneath it, and splashed brown sludge everywhere. Fortunately, we were above the splash threshold.

I kept thinking as we walked back to the building. I actually affected something today. I accomplished something. My life has meaning.

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