Nalda’s on reserve

So Laura subscribes to Bust magazine. (On more than one occasion, I’ve picked it up, and there’s some interesting stuff in there! Not just lesbian stuff either!) Today she got a new issue, and there’s a review in there of a new book published by Stuart David, (frontman/basist for the band Looper). Looper is one of my favorite bands, so she told me about it.

I did a little searching and found an excerpt. I will be picking up the book shortly, (it’s on hold at ruminator) but then I also decided to see if looper has a website. That was how I found out that they also have a new album!!! Well, it’s not even that new, it came out in May of last year, called the snare. I feel horrible that I didn’t know about this before now!

I’m also tempted by looper’s backpack-type-things available from their site, but since I made quite a few purchases this weekend (after paying bills, of course), I should probably hold off on that one. I called in sick on friday and monday (hence my lack of updates, for some reason this thing is a lot more fun when it’s on company time — ooh that’s incriminating!) and played one of those purchases (Dark Cloud 2) all day yesterday. So far, it’s pretty much a lot like the first one, addicting and fun… I don’t yet know how I’ll find time to read.

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