Last cat update… because I can

Yes, it’s more from the menial mind of marty the melodramatic monkey! Make way folks for the ride of your life through the twisting tunnels of his mind and on into oblivion!

OK, so yeah, Thor is sick. He has major eye-buggers. Both laura and I have been cuddling him nonstop while we’re at home, and giving him lots of attention. We have medicine for him, and applied it for the first time today. (It goes in his eyeThorsday. So that’s why this is my last cat update. I’ll post all of my cat ramblings there from now on…

3 Replies to “Last cat update… because I can”

  1. There is a cat in the blog. The cat exists, the blog exists. Therefor, Thorsday.

    Currently, I’m trying to decide whether Thorsday should have an apostrophe in it. Like, Thor’sDay, or just Thorsday. Wow, when written out like that, it should definitely be one word, no apostrophe.

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