chillin’ with my peeps

Someone knows of my affection for sugar and marshmallows. I arrived to work and found eight little pink and blue peeps scattered all over my desk and computer. I lined them up on top of my monitor, and have been eating them one by one all morning.

I sent out an email to find the peep-leaving culprit, and in the ensuing email armada, found these links as well. Lord of the Peeps, and Peep Research.

6 Replies to “chillin’ with my peeps”

  1. woah! Ginger bread peeps!?! Is nothing sacred!?

    We were having this discussion on friday about favorite candy-hollidays, and holliday specific candy varieties. I mistakenly categorized Peeps as an Easter-only candy, but I guess it gets scratched off the list… just like jelly beans.

    Remember back when we were kids, and jelly beans were virtually unheard of outside of easter? I blame Jelly Bellys, but my favorites are the Starburst Jelly Beans, which I am especially grateful are available outside of the season.

    Anyway, I think my favorite easter-only candy has got to be those candy-coated marshmallow candy eggs. (Shaped like too-angular eggs, that somehow got mashed on one side.) At a party, someone who’d never had them before described the inside as less like marshmallow, and more like cotton candy, in that it disolves on your tongue. I love those…

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