I had no idea things would go this far.

While I write this, money that I have contributed toward the budget of this country is being spent on bombs falling on people. (Subtext: Does this make me murderous?)

At the same time, various animal rights organizations in the Minneapolis area are suddenly under investigation by the FBI. (I know this from a friend who was associated with one of the groups some years ago, but has not been active since. This friend received a subpoena to court. The only article I could find didn’t even mention the investigations that are actually taking place.) What a valuable enterprise those investigations are. Maybe the rationale goes something like this: “If what we’ve got is another Viet Nam, then lets put all the hippies in jail before they start protesting again.”

Honestly, I have no idea what that’s about. I think those terrorism investigation units must have way too much money on their hands, either that or they’ve got some pressure to find terrorists, and they’re grasping at straws.

At least some people are thinking about the negative repercussions this war will have. (Subtext: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, IT’S AN AWARD SHOW!!!)

I’m leaving work in a short while for my first ever protest or demonstration. I only hope I’m not surrounded by idiots there, as I am here.