people are fuckers.

yup. well, maybe not all of them.

I’ve always been opposed having opinions based on a “party line” or really for any other reason than a direct and blatant interpretation of facts. Unfortunately, there is not enough time in the day, and there are FAR too many issues for most of us to just “learn all about it” and then make our opinions. Not to mention most issues are far more complex than a simple assessment of facts. (Abortion comes to mind. I’m sure each side on this issue would argue about what facts are admissible in this argument.)

Anyway, the point is, you start to trust one group, with whom you agree on most things, and the next thing you know you’re just some subservient yes-man, voting for your party no matter what they believe.

Recently I received Michael Moore’s stupid Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War in my inbox. I think I’ve gotten it twice now. The first time I read it, I was thinking to myself… There are some blatant untruths in here, and this kind of shit probably isn’t going to help anything or anybody. Then, (just now) I re-read it and had one of those HEY, THIS SHIT IS FUCKED UP! moments. I guess the biggest problem I have with it is that he’s writing from some mysterious “we” when, really, he’s only speaking for himself. I mean, that’s in the fucking title of the article. Stop saying “we” when you’re really talking about “you”.

I haven’t seen bowling for columbine, but in general I had assumed I would agree with the message of the film, and no doubt believe that it was a documentary. Unfortunately, it is not.

Each of the three links above are a different type of refutation. The first is a Michael Moore sympathizer, who did some fact checking and seems as disappointed as I was to find that Moore’s movie has some lies and half truths. The second is probably written by some NRA nut, but at least he tries pretty hard to stay on track, and sticks with the facts. I would disagree with his interpretation of the way Moore cut and paste Mr. Heston’s speech — I don’t think it was out of line — but if the impression is that the speech came immediately after columbine (and it appears it is) then that part is pretty fucked up. (Again, I haven’t seen the movie, and really should before I make this post, but fuck it.) Anyway, the last link is how I stumbled onto this whole thing, an article no doubt written by some right-wing nut-job, pleased to piss that he has a liberal he can bash on, and annoyed as hell that someone he disagrees with politically might win an Oscar he doesn’t deserve.

(Why do all my posts have to talk about the Oscars!?!)

Anyway, I do read Michael Moore’s website on occasion, and generally had a good chuckle. I will probably continue to do so. However, I will no longer trust Mr. Moore as a of source for any kind of information. He has lost my trust. A trust I probably shouldn’t have given out so easily in the first place, cause… hell, people are fuckers.

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  1. hey, i just wanted to let you know that i really dug this post. i read the michael moore articles, which pissed me off and got me thinking. so thanks.

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