juggling convention and laptop woes…

This weekend is a juggling convention in a chicago suburb. It’s one I’ve never been to at least that I can remember,) and I’m warming up to the idea. I don’t get as excited about juggling as I used to, but a good festival is always good, and this’ll give me an excuse to introduce Laura to some of my relatives (the cool ones who live in Chicago).

It occurs to me that I’ve put off that rant about juggling for awhile now. I really have no excuse. I would write it now, but I’m at work, and therefor too distracted.

My laptop is booting to a blue screen. It’s almost like the mac-equivalent to the blue screen of death, but there’s not frustratingly incomprehensible error message. The hard drive just spins… and there’s no message at all.

I only mention the laptop because I was in the mood to write last night. I reached for the laptop (how I usually write…) but remembered the issue. Incidentally, the problem started when I made the recent upgrade to 10.2.5. I’ve done it successfully on at least two other machines, so I know that’s not the whole story, but it pisses me off, damnit. I may have to take the thing to the apple store tonight, but I have a couple of other things I want to try first. (I hate computer troubleshooting.)