MT plugin for sortable comments page

I was reading Gabe Anderson’s blog, and saw that he has a page that he calls his Master Comments Archive. I would like a movable type plugin that would create said archive, but have it sortable by date/entry/commenter’s name. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Of course, I could always create an MT template that just has an entry tag with only the comments in it, but that page wouldn’t necessarily get updated when there are new comments, so this would have to use MT’s dynamic serving functionality… which I have no idea how to do. Still, I may tackle this myself, if I suddenly have too much free time.

Since I also happened to discover today, I will post this thought there as well. I know I had other lazyweb posts over the past few months… maybe if I remember them I’ll post them there too.

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  1. Hrm. I remember a discussion on the MT support boards about this – someone was working on a comment leader board, and had the script to count up commenters’ names, but was dealing with the updating issues. Can’t remember how/if it was resolved, tho.

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